Misconception About Sexnummern

There is a lot people say about Sexnummern. Some of these things are true while others are total misconception. It is good to discuss your sex number with your spouse or girlfriend if both of you are open to the discussion. However, if one of you feels it is a dark past they are not ready to open is very important. Alternatively, you can choose simple, important but non-sensitive topics to discuss about jut to clear the air.

Our sex numbers depends on how we take it. Some of the misconceptions people have is that a man should never marry a woman with a higher sex number than him. They believe that your sexual history dictates your future relationships and opinion about life. Although there are some consequences this might have in your future it doesn’t necessarily mean it has any impact in your future. Some of the misconceptions about sex numbers include:

1.     It Determines Your Expertise in Sex

Many people believe, the higher your sex number, the more experienced you are in matters of sex. On the other hand, the lower your sex number, the less experienced you are. However, this is not true at all. There are many people who have just had one or two sex partners but they had an opportunity of exploring the sex world to their best. Therefore, they might end up having better sex experience than those who have a higher Sexnummern.

2.     It Determines Your Age

There is an assumption that the higher your sex number is, the older you are. What people forget is that we become sexually active at different age and stages in our lives. There are people who become active as teenagers while others wait until their late 20s to start exploring the beauty of the sex world.


There are those who meets one partner and they are okay with him. Therefore, they might not see the need of jumping from one person to another. Therefore, your opinion about Sexnummern should not be affected by what other people think but what you and your partner agree on.